Mild Mustard Greens

Mild Mustard Greens

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Sophisticated, subtle, but undeniable, these are the mildest of our mustards. These greens will elevate your entrees and put a little zip in your dips.

About one month from seed to table, this mustard mix can be harvested from spring through early summer, then planted again for fall- even through milder winters in some locations.

These mild mustards will mix well with other Shimo salads and are a delight in stir-fry.

Kick up these greens up to the next level by blanching, pureeing, then cooking together with garlic, jalapeño peppers, ginger and onion. Drooling? Add these to your cart. We'll wait.

To get the most bounteous harvest out of your Shimo, purchase additional seeds and Plant Food for continued growth throughout the year. 

Your Shimo container grow bag and soil will last for years, providing you with a constant abundance of fresh, organic, homegrown food.