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Mesclun Mix

Grow Container Bag Color

A favorite of fine dining chefs and foodies, mesclun greens are a perfect way to elevate your salads and entrées.

Approximately one month from seed to table, our unique mesclun mix is delicate with a surprising bite. A classic in fresh salads, of course, but these versatile greens can even be used to top fresh hors d'oeuvres for added enjoyment.

Take these greens to the next level for your family and friends by sautéeing them in butter with almonds, mushrooms, garlic, and shallots.

This unique piquant taste is pleasingly bitter, tart, and a touch spicy, a wilder roller coaster ride of flavor than you have come to expect from mesclun.

To get the most bounteous harvest out of your Shimo, purchase additional seeds and Plant Food for continued growth throughout the year. 

Your Shimo container grow bag and soil will last for years, providing you with a constant abundance of fresh, organic, homegrown food.