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Gourmet Braising Mix

Grow Container Bag Color

Harvest this amazing braising mix of pac choi, kale, tatsoi and collards while they're still baby greens, or hold out a bit longer for a mouthful of full-length leaves with full-power flavors ranging from subtle to spicy.

One month from seed to harvest, these greens can be eaten raw, which provides slightly bitter undertones, and are perfect for adding extra flavor to salads.

Cooking them brings out an amazingly pleasant mild sweetness, making them perfect for stir-fry or sautéed with garlic and oil. They are a favorite of chefs and foodies who want to push the culinary envelope.

To get the most bounteous harvests out of your Shimo, purchase additional seeds and Plant Food for continued growth throughout the year. 

Your Shimo container grow bag and soil will last for years, providing you with a constant abundance of fresh, organic, homegrown food.