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Danvers Half-Long Carrots

Grow Container Bag Color

Our Danvers half-long carrots have bright orange roots and a wonderful texture. Pull them up and take a bite to enjoy their mild, sweet, juicy crunch. These half-sized carrots will bring a full-sized smile to anyone's face! 

From seed to table in 2 months, these carrots are crisp and sweet when eaten raw, and are perfect dipped into hummus, shaved into salads, juiced, sautéed, or steamed.

Danvers carrots can be grown throughout the year from spring through fall- even through milder winters in some locations.

To get the most bounteous harvests out of your Shimo, purchase additional seeds and Plant Food for continued growth throughout the year.


Your Shimo container grow bag and soil will last for years, providing you with a constant abundance of fresh, organic, homegrown food.