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Shimo - Green Basil

Grow Container Bag Color

Be the envy of your neighbors by picking fresh basil from late spring through early fall. They'll call yours "The Perfect Pesto," whispering guesses of your gardening secrets as you pass by.

A little over 2 months from seed to table, you'll be able to pick this hearty fresh basil, and add to any favorite dish or specialty craft cocktail that you serve! 

Pair with Shimo cherry tomatoes, and your favorite creamy mozzarella cheese for a mouthwatering Caprese salad. 

In the fall, harvest and dry for to use as herbs for sauces, stews, or to sprinkle on top of your favorite pizza. Grab some jars and can up affordable and highly personal gifts, created from the leaves of your labor.


To get the most bounteous harvests out of your Shimo, purchase additional seeds and Plant Food for continued growth throughout the year. 

Your Shimo container grow bag and soil will last for years, providing you with a constant abundance of fresh, organic, homegrown food.