Where to place your Shimo

Where to place your Shimo

To get your Shimo growing, we suggest putting your Shimo in a place that gets at a minimum, 6 hours of sun per day.

While seeds are germinating, and your seedlings begin sprouting, you'll want to get them the most sun as possible. So if you have a place that gets more than 6 hours of sun per day, place your Shimo there! 

Once your plants begin to mature, you'll want to put them in the optimal amount of sun/shade in order for them to thrive. 

In general tomatoes and peppers love lots of sunlight. If you are growing these, place them in a location that gets the most sun! 

If you are growing carrots, the green tops of your carrots love the sun, while the orange part loves the the coolness and darkness of being under the soil.

You can place the carrots in the sun, but they will also do well in partially shaded areas too! 

In general, basil, and other herbs, like to be in areas that are partially shaded. Try and find a place that gets either sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon, or vice versus. 

The leafy greens like mesclun, mustards, and lettuce etc., all need sun, but they prefer to be in shaded areas. 

In the event you live in a location that gets a lot of sun, and are unable to provide your Shimo with shade, a shade cloth can be used to limit exposure to sun. 

One of the real values of Shimo is that you can move it around. If your Shimo looks like it is getting too much sun, move it to a place that is a bit more shaded.

If you don't think it is getting enough sun, move it to a place that has more access to sunlight! 

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