Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds

Let's get these seeds growing! 

You'll notice that your Shimo seed packets come with more seeds than are needed for a single grow/harvest. 

We wanted to give you enough seeds in the event that you made a mistake, planting, or if several of the seeds didn't germinate, you'll have enough seeds to replant.

Additionally, we wanted to give you enough seeds to grow multiple harvests. Not only do we want you to be successful, we want you to be happy, and feel like you're receiving value. 

If you are planting tomatoes, carrots, peppers or basil - use the very tip of your finger to make an indentation in the soil (as a general rule - from the tip to the first joint of your index finger is about 1-inch long). Place 1 seed per hole, maximum of 3 holes, and cover gently with soil. 

If you are growing lettuce, mesclun, or mustard greens - scrape the top 1/4 - 1/2 inch of the soil off and put it to the side in a little pile.

Take approximately 20-30 seeds and sprinkle them onto the surface of the soil, make sure to cover the entire surface of the container. 

After you've sprinkled the seeds, do the same with the little pile of soil, sprinkling to ensure the majority of the seeds are covered with the thin layer of soil. This is important for proper germination. 

After you sow your seeds and cover with soil, gently mist the surface of the soil with water. 

To learn more about where to place your Shimo kit for optimal sun/shade read the blog titled "Where to place your Shimo".