Setting up your Shimo

Setting up your Shimo

Let's unpack your Shimo kit!

The Shimo kit comes with 100% organic soil, seeds, and plant food, and a container grow bag made from recycled material. The kit also contains an instructional care card, designed to help you have a successful grow and harvest. 

All of the components, excluding the grow container bag, can be composted, including the burlap sack. Or, re-use the burlap sack to store your gardening supplies. 

Remove the bag of soil from the Shimo burlap sack. Add the soil to the grow bag container, and then water thoroughly.

We recommend watering the soil in the container for one or two days before you sow seeds, although it's not necessary. This helps compact the soil and get it thoroughly moistened for sowing seeds, which helps with germination. It also allows the soil to acclimate to the local micro-environment. 

For now, put the Plant Food off to the side, we will feed our Shimo in a few weeks! 

Read the next blog entry, titled "Sowing seeds" to receive tips and tricks on how to best sow seeds in the Shimo kit.